Amanda Hoskins is based in Calgary, Alberta mindfully crafting functional ceramic wares inspired by nature and the Alberta landscape. She was raised in the rural south of Ontario and relocated in 2013 to begin her undergrad at the Alberta University of the Arts (formerly ACAD). Having graduated in 2018 with a BFA in Ceramics, she focuses on meditative production on the wheel and explorations of glaze layering. Her pieces often feature abstract landscapes and pressed flora foraged from in and around the Calgary area.

The Horizon series explores the relationship between the functional art object, its connection to the earth, and its place in the home. The carved exteriors pay homage to the origin of the material and evoke a sense of landscape reminiscent of what exists beyond the confines of the gallery space. While these pieces act as sculptural when turned upside down, they are intended for display as well as functional use as large serving bowls. It’s my hope that this work can act as a humble reminder of the beauty of Earth’s natural formations while serving both a practical and aesthetic function in the home.