Bob uses Western Canadian red stoneware clay to create his sculptures. He forms each sculpture using slabs of wet clay, and then, after a lengthy drying process, he fires them in an electric kiln to approximately 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Bob then applies base coats of porcelain slips or liquid clay to colour each piece. After a second firing, he uses base metallic stains using copper and cobalt to add depth to the work and fires once more. Finally, other media such as found objects, gold, or cold-glazing are added to complete the sculptures. He uses encaustic wax to finish many pieces.

His work strives to embody humankind’s intimate connection with nature’s energy.

Like most artists, he spent several years developing his interests and style, drawing upon work with hand-building, the potter’s wheel, and slab work. He loves making his glazes rather than buying commercially prepared glazes. While he has made functional ware and still enjoys creating pieces for others, he’s finally found his home in figurative sculptural work.