Carla Klassen is a contemporary painter based in Calgary, Canada. Her artwork has evolved from a curiosity in how one goes about portraying light on a flat surface using pigments, to a more substantial means of finding connection with others through portraiture and figureative art. She works to express both fluidity and anatomical strength through paint application, and tries to leave enough space in a painting to welcome others to bring their own experiences to it.

Art has been at the core of everything Carla does—from visual arts, to music, to design—there were a multitude of hours in her childhood spent drawing, taking art classes and attending music lessons. Her formal education and career in graphic design has greatly informed her approach to both colour and composition in her paintings today.

Always seeking something new, she continues to challenge herself and push her art forward by attending painting and drawing classes and workshops. She enjoys zeroing in on her biggest artistic challenges and tackling them head-on.