By its very nature, clay demands the most intimate of relationships with the elements. Harnessing earth, wind fire and water in order to give vent and shape to a universe of ideas, thoughts and feelings.

Raku firing pottery is an act of submission to that universe. If you do it long enough, you get an idea of the things that could happen, but there is never complete control over the what, where, when and how. That, I suspect, is the root of the addiction.

There are always flaws and imperfections, but then, that is what gives the dynamic surface of these pieces its unique character. They serve as small reminders of the sometimes brutal process of bringing ideas to life.

Not every result is breathtaking. It is a gamble at best. Then again, there are the days when you roll the proverbial dice, the gods smile down, and the gratitude from pushing yourself through the heat, smoke and soot gives you an indescribable high…

There is nowhere else I would rather be.