Human beings are a talkative species and they share their ideas with each other. This finds expression in dialogue, poetry, and art. The most basic function of art is communication. Here love, passion, excitement, anger, the wonders of our world and all other emotions find a non-verbal possibility to be uttered. This ranges from ancient pictorial engravings on rock to today’s most complex sculpture and painting.

​The question is whether the artist can reach the observer. Whether they are touched, amused or angered is of lesser importance than their interaction with the artwork. Only, and only when the artwork results in an interaction with the viewer can it be regarded as successful. After all dialogue without a reaction by the listener is a futile exercise. Art that does not touch the mind of the viewer remains in solitude and is in principle a failure.

​Art is thus the attempt to share the understanding and interpretation of the world in which the artist lives with a third party. To quote Paul Klee “to make the invisible visible”. It is the attempt to share the emotion and experience with a second person. If the artist manages this and his creation leaves a memorable emotion with the viewer he has succeeded.

​First I spent a great deal of time on drawing to obtain an understanding of the relationship between line and plane and also light and dark. Most of my work undergoes a fair period of preparation. This includes composition and simplification via drawings. I make extensive use of photography which I use as memory support for my work. Thereafter preparation of the printing plate which can be either linoleum, wood or metal. The printing option suits me most because it is so well suited to a linear approach and simplification. The second reason for printing is that small editions of artwork can be produced which allows original art to be available to art lovers at affordable prices.

​I hope that my work brings a little more happiness, understanding and appreciation of the beauty of our little world into the lives of people. And that at last we begin to understand that life in our incomprehensible large universe is very very rare and that we have to treat all life with the utmost respect.

I worked for a few (6) years in the drawing, painting and printing workshop under the guidance of Mimi van der Merwe in Pretoria, South Africa. I relocated recently from South Africa to Canada. I am looking forward to the artistic challenges that cross my path in Canada.

Group Exhibition

2008 & 2010 Christmas Exhibition at Star Nation Gallery, Heidelberg, South Africa
2006 Centurion Library, South Africa
2005 Pretoria, South Africa, Art in the Park
2004 Pretoria Art Museum, Pretoria, South Africa, Mimi van der Merwe Art Studio Retrospective Exhibition.

Solo Exhibition

2018 Star Nation Gallery in Heidelberg, Western Cape, South Africa.