Jacquie Brown, owner of Jaxx B Pottery studied Ceramics and Jewelry at AU Arts (formerly Alberta College of Art and Design), where she graduated with distinction. Upon graduation Jacquie began a position as a technician and instructor at a City of Calgary pottery studio, then on to a part time position at a local ceramic supply helping artisans, teachers and potters perfect their craft, all the while raising a family, many dogs, and a home studio.

A native of Calgary, Jacquie has spent years developing her line of functional, wheel thrown art pieces produced from locally made clays of porcelain and stoneware. The glazes she developed for her work is the result of many years of formulating to add colour, texture and a sensory experience to each piece, while maintaining a food- safe quality to the tableware she makes.

Jacquie produces each piece to celebrate and embellish the simple beauty of the everyday.

Bring your humanity to your art. Bring your art to humanity

Maxime Lagace