I have always looked closely at the things around me. As a child, I learned to do so from my father while we explored nature. As a teenager, I was able to accurately draw people and animals by using close observation and attention to detail. It wasn’t until I was an adult, married with two children, that I began post-secondary studies in art (B.F.A., UBC, 1999). My path took a detour when I became an elementary school teacher (B.Ed., UBC, 2002), teaching children in Kindergarten and grades 1 & 2. A challenging job full of joy and satisfaction, from which I have recently retired.

My art education included courses in design, printmaking, painting, and sculpture, all of which I enjoyed. All these years later, it is photography that has become integral to my recent work.

I seek out and record texture, line, shape and colour with my camera. Then software is used to explore colour possibilities and isolate areas of interest. Duplicate prints are made. Prints are cut into geometric shapes. Exploration begins, moving the pieces around, looking for a strong composition. Finally pieces are glued on to illustration board.

I want the viewer to be drawn in and intrigued by the industrial subject matter in my work, i.e., shower drains, manhole covers, and water shut-off valve covers. It is natural curiosity that leads me to photograph these industrial objects, while also being conscious of the fact that they were likely machine-made in male-dominated factories. I am also aware that I am transforming mundane, overlooked objects into works of art.

The process of making these collages feeds my soul, and it is my hope that you will appreciate the unique approach I have taken to making art.