Leslie is originally from New Brunswick, and learned oil painting in her youth through years of one on one lessons with a professional artist.  She now lives in Toronto and is a practicing architect and artist. Over the last few years she has exhibited in numerous group shows with the Leslie Grove Gallery in Toronto, at the McMichael Autumn Artisanal Market, the Square Foot Show, and in the Riverdale Artwalk.

Artist Statement:

I work primarily in oil paint on stretched canvas and often use still lives as subjects for my paintings. Books, flowers, plants, scarves, tableware and other objects are used as windows for me to explore different colour palettes and create something new.  My style incorporates both impressionistic brushwork and graphic lines and boundaries.  I generally like to work quickly and finish a painting in one or two sittings, working wet on wet, in order to keep freshness and spontaneity in my work.