Lori was born and raised in Calgary, however, she has strong ties to rural Alberta, since both her parents were raised on farms. Her mother introduced her to art, crafts, sewing and knitting early in childhood. These experiences with different media have influenced her work. Working in the oil industry from 1977 to 1990 afforded her the means to travel to over fourteen countries. One can find remnants of her exposure to crafts and travel in some of her art work. 

Lori received a BFA with distinction from the University of Calgary. Since her U of C graduation, Lori has been working out of her home studio creating and teaching art. She has participated in many craft markets and art exhibitions over the years. Lori is an active member of the Canadian Federation of Artists and associate member of the Alberta Society of Artists. Recently she became a member of the Leighton Art Centre.

“I work primarily with acrylics, alcohol ink and mixed media. I love to make large spontaneous marks when I begin most paintings. These loose marks suggest routes that I can take with the work. Since I am a tactile learner it is important for me to add layers of texture to my work, allowing me to feel my way through the piece. This assists me in achieving a sense of depth.  I love variety; it is a must in my art practice!

I am currently integrating conceptual components to work that is somewhat representational. My themes range from historical and mystical landscapes/oceanscapes to emotional and relational quips. Some titles of my work are: “Prairiescape-Remnants #1”, “Harmony and Understanding”, “Feeling Stuck”, and “Landscape Tapestry XXI”.  Abstract thought and life’s metaphors have my interest.”