Michael Langley is an artist and graphic designer. Born in South Africa, Michael studied traditional painting with Owen Lewis and Wendy Cook-Tonnesen, and has exhibited in South Africa, the United Kingdom and Canada.

The past few years have seen Michael’s focus shift from graphic design and digital arts back to the purer and more elemental fine art forms after several decades working exclusively in applied art.

His medium is predominantly oil but he also works in charcoal and other drawing media. Influenced hugely by the painterly Impressionist schools of traditional painting, Michael’s work focusses on both the natural and the urban landscape and he is constantly exploring the relationship between these different types of environments, and the effects which light and colour have on our moods.

I am fascinated by the constant interplay of colour and the beauty which can be found even in the most mundane setting. There is something beautiful to be teased out of any situation as light is active even on the most outwardly dull surfaces. We become blasé about the beauty in the everyday, because the act of really seeing something is not a process which the eyes and brain allow in any but the most intent viewer.

The efficiency of our senses ensures that we are provided with only the most narrow keyhole on the world; that is, until our full visual sense and attention is pulled back to what’s around us by an artist. This is what we strive to do – constantly.