Lizanne du Preez

Lizanne is an artist who spends her time between Calgary and Fernie, BC.
Her interest is in the human body and all of humanity. She does intuitive work
based on the dream world, lucid thoughts and the “other side” – an inquiry into the
supernatural, spiritual world.
Every work of art is unique and can never be replicated since it comes from a place
which cannot be revisited. Once it is visited, it disappears from consciousness and
Lizanne is in her 3 rd year BFA at the Alberta University of the Arts – with a major in
Painting. She is also interested in sculpture, fibre art and drawing and loves
spending time in the wood- and metal shops at the University.
Covid has influenced her work, as is probably the case with every artist out there.
The PANdemIC painting was made at the very beginning of lockdown when her 2 nd
year studies was cut short abruptly.

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