Pewter Art Embossing: Embrace


In this 6 hour class participants will learn how to transfer a design, (inspired by an Alfonsas Cepaukas etch created in 1978) onto lead free pewter sheet.

Students will learn how to transfer design onto lead free pewter sheet using a metal embellishment as a texture plate and basic hand tools. With metal embossing techniques, we will further enhance our project using ball and cup tools and texture wheels. High relief embossing will be filled with melted beeswax.

We will use a variety of metal embossing tooling techniques to create texture and volume, learn how to apply a chemical patina, and discuss options to turn our completed 5 x 7 inch pewter piece into wall art.

All supplies are included and all tools are provided for use in class. Skill level is beginner to intermediate.

Elitia Hart have been sharing her knowledge and technique teaching introductory and advanced metal art classes in Calgary, Canada,  in retail stores, and for retreat groups in Canada, US, Mexico and France.

The class includes all materials and you will leave with a finished project as well as a good understanding of the technique needed to do soft metal embossing. Class is limited to three students only.

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Apr 16 2022


09:00 - 14:00




Aqui Arts
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